What does an MPEK Volunteer do?
     There are many different roles and responsibilities at the MPEK conference. Read the different descriptions below to get a better idea of what these different roles are!
Section Leaders
     Oversees a section of 4-6 teams. Section Leaders are responsible for coordinating with the Director and other Section Leaders to ensure that all rotations and events are on schedule throughout the conference. They also provide additional support to Team Leaders and Team Assistants in their section.

Section Runners
     Provides additional assistance to teams as directed by a Section Leader. Runners may end up in one particular job throughout the conference or helping in a variety of different ways. Runner responsibilities may include: activities, security, walking children to the restroom and team assisting.
Team Leaders
     Oversees a team of 15-25 children. Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring that all children on their team are properly signed in and signed out during the conference. They will also spend time leading their team in games, crafts, and other activities. 
Team Assistants
     Assist Team Leaders in their responsibilities. Team Assistants are responsible for keeping their team stations neat and organized throughout the conference. They will also spend time working one on one with kids on their team.
Security Assistants
     Monitors event and checks badges of volunteers and parents upon entry and exit. Security is responsible for the safety of the children at our event and to ensure that parents are aware of proper sign-in protocols.
Activities Runners
     Provides assistance in Mob Games, Relays and Crafts. Responsible for every team having enough craft supplies. Also, will ensure safety and cooperation during game events.


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